Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Weather & Weddings

So if you've been watching my weathercasts this week, you know rain is making a come back. Looks like it will be wet this weekend with the possibilities of some thunderstorms. Considering we are over an inch above average for this time of year in the rainfall department, we could use another dry week. I don't control the weather; just report it. So remain weather aware over the next several days and get ready for a BIG cool down next week!

Speaking of rain, last week I told you that I sang at the "Always & Forever" wedding at First Baptist Church in Jackson sponsored by WLBT. Ron Mumgarner did the ceremony. I have never heard a more intimate and personalized wedding ceremony performed. I sat in my chair in awe of his words and quietly wiping away tears.

One particular comment he made was about the word 'submit' and how society has made that word a negative one in the marriage relationship. He said in marriage, submit means to 'stand alongside of'. As husband and wife, we should stand with each other through the various aspects of marriage--the good, bad, and the ugly.

I walked away from that wedding myself vowing to stand alongside my husband more and thus walking together through the valleys and the peaks of matrimony.

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