Monday, January 22, 2007

Home, Home on the Farm

Good to see you! I took the second half of last week off to travel to Little Rock for a photo shoot. I took the children with me and enjoyed two days on the family farm.

I decided to travel to Arkansas via the back roads. I drove through Darling where I took my first job---I played the piano for Darling Baptist Church every Sunday morning and was paid $30 each week. It was my high school "job". I passed through rural areas of Quitman County and longed for the days of quiet. I enjoyed the trip through Brinkley and Carlisle, Arkansas. Driving back to Marks, I tried to figure out what kind of job I could take in my hometown and actually make a living! If you've been to the Delta lately, you know our towns are drying up and withering away.

My children thoroughly enjoyed watching the ducks quack and geese honk as they flew over our farm. Their chattering would soon be shattered by gun shots of the hunters nearby.

Friday night, we drove to Sardis and ate at Smokey M's restaurant and visited with the home folk. My mother and I stayed up late and caught up on the happenings in the family and the latest things we've both learned in our spiritual lives.

Going home is always fun for me. It reminds me of where I came from and where I hope to day.

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