Friday, January 12, 2007

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall....

I'm an old pageant queen, so believe me when I say I can pile on some makeup. Apparently, I didn't wear enough to suit one viewer.

Hello Barbie,
I am a long time fan of yours and think you are a beautiful lady who does a good job with the weather forecast. BUT....whoever is doing your makeup is not quite getting it right. On my TV, you come across looking like you do not have on ANY makeup at all. Bert Case has on more than you it appears. Please have the makeup guy add a bit of blush and some color to your lovely face. It will make the weather forecast much more pleasant! ---Maxine Clements

Several points to make:
1) I do my own makeup. There is no "makeup guy".
2) Bert Case doesn't wear makeup
3) I wear more than my share of blush and "color"
4) "It will make the weather forecast much more pleasant!" I just can't comment on that one.

Dear Lord, please help me to remember that you look at the heart of the person and not on the outside.


Sara said...

I came across your blog and have been enjoying reading your entries. I have to say that this one cracked me up. Everyone's a critic, huh? I think you look lovely on the air just as you are. Keep up the good work!

Barbie Bassett said...

Thanks, Sara. You are too kind. Yes, everyone has an opinion and think they need to share it with me. Sometimes I think I should've picked a different career!