Monday, February 5, 2007

Be At Work More!

Some viewers think I work too much and some think I don't work enough. Last week as you know, I had to take a couple of days off due to the death of my husband's grandmother (see Feb 2 entry). The week before, I took two days off to judge the Miss Mississippi College pageant and do some volunteer work (see Jan 25 entry). Days off for me are few and far between and aren't really used as "vacation" days if you know what I mean. This email from a viewer gave me a chuckle:
I really enjoy your weather casts. You are one of my three favorite meteorologists. The only thing is that you are hardly ever on the weather casts. I certainly understand that you deserved several months on maternity leave, as well as, time off for the holidays. However, even with those times included, it seems that I hardly hear your weather forecasts. Is there a reason for your multitude of absences? I am sure that you have a large group of followers, but how long will you keep them, including me, when you are gone so much?
I really miss you when you are not providing out weather forecasts. Please be there more.
Signed, Gracie

I wonder if Gracie is watching WLBT or another television station to think I have had a "multitude of absences"? Hmmm....

On another note, some pleasant weather is on the horizon for this week. Slight chances for rain is present, but the temperatures will be a nice change from the frigid overnights we've had lately. So enjoy!

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