Wednesday, February 14, 2007

The Best Valentines Day Ever

The Bible says "It is more blessed to give than to receive". Although I've felt the joy of giving, today I feel like I was on the receiving end. Bright and early this morning, I headed out to Mississippi Blood Services for the blood drive and found people ready to donate at 6am. I mentioned to MBS' communication representative Kelly Scrivner that I had prayed over the last few days for this event to be an emense success. She said, "Well, God listens to you because 180 people have already called to make appointments for their blood donation today."

All throughout the day, I enjoyed talking with the donors who came out to get their Marshall Ramsey t-shirt and donate blood. So many of them had moving stories to share with me. Others just wanted to help.

When I drove up in the parking lot shortly before Noon, the cars lined the street and there were no parking spots. I stepped into the lobby at MBS and saw the crowd. The "holding rooms" could hold no more! I got emotional and was overwhelmed by the response.

Mississippi Blood Services' biggest donation day was the one year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina last August with a total of 250 donors. When the doors closed this evening, 317 people had donated blood.

Some say I was the reason why the blood drive broke a record. I disagree. I believe it was the WLBT viewers who saw a need and wanted to "give" instead of "receive" on this Valentines Day. Marshall's t-shirts were flying off the shelves like chocolate in a diet center and the food was delicious that Three Sisters & A Mixer provided at lunch. Working together, we ALL made a difference.

My heart is so full today and I can truly say this has been the best Valentines ever. Thank you for making it memorable for me and for saving the lives of Mississippians.

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