Thursday, February 8, 2007

One of Those Days

Have you ever had one of "those" days? Well, I've had mine.

We think baby Will swallowed a training toothbrush and have been waiting on it's appearance (if you know what I mean). So far, nothing. Will is just like a little ardvark---if it fits in his mouth, he will eat and/or swallow it. We are praying we won't have to make an ER visit over the next day or so and nature will take it's course. Better yet, it would be nice to actually FIND the training toothbrush on the floor somewhere.

While I was viewing the commercial we shot yesterday for the Valentines Day Blood Drive (see Feb. 7 entry), one of our producers came to me with tears in her eyes and informed me she had backed into my car. I felt so sorry for her because I've done that before and it is not a fun feeling. It seems she was leaving early because she didn't feel good, jumped in her car, and backed into mine. She offered to exchange insurance information with me then, but I suggested she go home and we would tally up later. There is several thousand dollars' worth of damage done to my car, but her's is fine and without damage.

When I walked outside to look at the damage after she had left, 4 of my co-workers were standing around my car. They all gave their opinion in the assessment of the damage. "Are you not mad?" asked one. "When I was single and cars meant something to me, this would've ruined my week. Now that I'm a parent, there are far worse things that could've happened. Besides, I've been pooped on and vomitted on by my children in public," I said. My boss leaned over and said, "I really appreciate your attitude about this."

When I have my quiet time every morning, I always ask for safety for my family, mercy for the day, to show the world that I'm a Christian in my responses and forgiveness for my shortcomings. Sure, my car is damaged and it will be in the body shop for some time. But God answered my prayer in keeping me safe today when the car could've easily been damaged in a wreck instead.

Speaking of, please pray for meteorologist Eric Law and his wife Kristina. She will be having surgery on her had first thing Friday morning at UMC. This surgery is to correct another surgery that didn't take well after their June 2006 car wreck. I know they would appreciate your prayers on their behalf.

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