Tuesday, February 6, 2007

We All Scream for Ice Cream

Yesterday was National Weatherpersons Day. Blue Bell Ice Cream representative Jimmy Evans appeared at WLBT Monday afternoon to bestow upon me 4 half gallon buckets of their popular flavors. "What will I do with 4 buckets of ice cream?" I thought. I gave one away to our newsroom secretary and Howard Ballou asked for the other one. Eric Law called to ask if there was any ice cream left and said he would be on his way to taste some.

Earlier in the day, I had resolved to fast until afternoon as a part of our pastor's challenge which he asked our church to consider, plus the fact that I have 5 pounds left to lose before I'm back to my college weight. I asked the Lord to get me through the day with my stomach rumbling.

Once the Blue Bell man came, I convinced myself that I could indeed indulge since I had completed my fast. When I came back to work at 9pm, I opened the station refrigerator to make sure the 2 half gallon buckets of cream were still there. "Oh good! I'll have a bite or two in a few minutes," I thought.

I left to record the forecasts for our Weather Plus station. When I returned to the frig 20 minutes later, the ice cream had sprouted legs and disappeared! I considered getting on the station intercom and chastising whoever "ice cream jacked" my ice cream buckets, but figured maybe God was answering my prayer----to continue on my trek to lose my 5 pounds. Maybe the missing ice cream was an answer to that prayer after all.

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