Monday, February 19, 2007

Rain & Warmer Weather

I know the "warmer weather" caught your attention. Unfortunately, we'll have to take the good with the bad. Grab your umbrella and keep it close this week. Not only will our rain chances increase for Tuesday-Wednesday, but another round of rain and storms will arrive by the weekend. We can say 'good-bye' to the 20s and 30s for the next few days as we notice much warmer air coming our way.

The National Weather Service has proclaimed this week as Severe Weather Awareness Week. There will be a surprise tornado drill at schools (and some businesses) across the state one day this week. On that note, let me encourage you to have a severe weather plan at your house. Chances are, you've talked to your children about where to go in the event of a house fire, but do they know what to do and where to go if a tornado warning is issued for your county?

We have a plan at our house. Our house was hit by an F4 tornado in November 2001, so we take severe weather seriously. Assuming I'm not at work during severe weather, which is rare, we meet in a particular bathroom in our hallway. In that bathroom is a NOAA Weather Radio in place and a flashlight. We simply bring our pillow and cellphone (grab the kids) and meet in the bathroom. When we get the all clear from the NOAA Weather Radio, we come out. If neither of us are at home, our sitter knows the plan and has even instituted it at her home.

Having a plan will make your children feel safer and it will make a scary situation much more peaceful.

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