Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Trials Produce A Ministry

Just when you think you've gone through trials for no reason, you hear from someone who is moved by your own experience. I received this email this week.
I lost my daughter this past year at birth and it seems like someone told me that you had a similar experience. I don't know the particulars of your story but there is really nothing like it. Seeing you with your beautiful babies now gives me hope. We are trying again but the road seems so long sometimes. I am going to Vietnam this April to visit the orphanage where I came from. I hope that this will help in my healing and allow me to have closure on that part of my past. Anyway, you are doing a great job and I appreciate someone who does their work for the glory of the Lord. ---RM
I believe that out of our greatest trials, our ministry to others is born. How can we know how to help someone through a difficult time when we haven't walked that road before ourselves?

In reading the story on Joseph in the Bible, this poor guy had a tough life. His brothers sold him into slavery, he spent many years in jail, and ends up being a major player in Pharoah's kingdom. Joseph shows mercy and forgiveness not only to this brothers, but he saves many lives when a famine hits Egypt. How could he have shown mercy and love to others if he had not "been there" himself. I believe God allowed him to experience his difficulties in life so he would be prepared to minister to others in their time of need.

What is your ministry? How can you help someone today?

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