Tuesday, February 27, 2007

A Personal Reminder

I didn't feel good yesterday. I woke up with a sore throat, runny nose and a few aches in my body. Stephanie Bell-Flynt at WLBT had strep throat last week and I was hoping I wasn't next. On my way into work, I stopped by the CVS Pharmacy to try and self medicate. As I was standing in line at the counter, I noticed a lady in front of me who was completed bald. She was wearing a ball cap. When she turned to the side, I saw she was wearing a surgical mask. After she finished her purchase, she turned around and I gave her a smile.

She recognized me and we struck up a conversation. She had a tumor on her spine on her lower back. She had just taken a round of chemo and her white blood cells were gone, hence her wearing the mask. She told me how much she appreciated me growing my hair for women with cancer. We talked for a few more minutes and she said "I told God to use me. I don't care what you do, just use me."

On a day when I wasn't feeling my best, I walked out of the CVS feeling uplifted. With each day, we should proclaim, "Lord, I give this day to you. Just use me." God certainly used her to remind me why I keep these long locks growing.

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April said...

That story is so amazing, Barbie. It really is. I hear about stories like that and I just sit back and smile. I am growing my hair for cancer patients. We who have never experienced cancer cannot even try to understand the pain and frustration it brings to people. But to hear of a strong woman like that just really makes me happy. I love it when God brings people like that in our lives to teach us a tiny lesson like that. The littlest things can set me off and make me have a bad day but usually when that happens, God reaches down and gives me a nice little tap on the shoulder and brings someone into my life to show me that there are people out there who are worse than me. And that's when I stop and and thank God for sending me a little reminder like that.

Very encouraging story. That made my day. =)