Thursday, January 10, 2008

Severe Weather Expected

It is shaping up to be another nasty weather day. With a strong cold front moving in from the west and warm, moist air coming in from the Gulf, a clash of air masses will take place. This system looks to have more moisture with it which could make it stronger than Tuesday's. All of this to say, please be weather aware today; please have your weather radio on; and stay put if you don't have to drive or be out in this weather once it starts popping.

Since today will be another long day for me, I'll make this entry short. Pray for those who find themselves in the middle of the severe weather cross hairs. (And lets hope the mean emails will cease for the next 24 hours!)


Hooks Family said...

Thank you, Barbie, for caring so much. I always tune in to you when bad weather is around. Keep up the great work!!
Beth from Brandon

vicky turk said...

Vicky TURK SAID, Thank you for caring about your viewers I great full for being able to hear a honest sweet girl speak her heart! have a blessed day.

Tommy, Suzanne, and Mary Peyton said...

no joke! you don't need to have to read the mean e-mails/comments!

again, mary peyton is watching you as i sit here and type - as intent on you as she is dora or diego! you've got her attention!

and for the record, we think you look great! thanks for keeping us "in the know" on the weather!

Junebug said...

Yeah, I hate bad weather days. I start re-living. You know.

Also, I think you and your pregnant belly are simply radiant!! :-)