Friday, January 11, 2008

What A Long Week!

Have you ever been glad a week is almost over? I am--this week. Between the mean emails I've received all this week, two days of severe weather, long days and other obligations, I'm pooped...mentally, emotionally and physically. I think I've cried more this week than I have in a while (blame it on my hormones, I guess). And to add to that, I received this email.
Barbie, please! You looked so nice in the jacket-suit thing last week. If you're attempting to display a 'how not to dress' motif, you've got it mastered. Pregnancy is a great thing; however, subtlety and professionalism have a place too. If you intend to look like an errant weather balloon, fine. In my humble opinion, the WLBT weather should be about 'the weather' and not about Barbie. Apparently I'm misdirected. I don't think you'll find one person in 50 who will agree that your choices are appropriate. Signed, Don in Madison
Whoa, I've been called a "covered wagon" and a "weather balloon" this week. Many of you are so kind to post such nice things on my blog and send me emails of encouragement. But the superficiality of this job can really get you down. Let one of our newsmen gain weight, go grey or bald and get loads of wrinkles and we won't hear anything about it--the public accepts it. But when I get pregnant and keep working throughout the pregnancy, some viewers 'don't want to see it.' So I've often thought, what am I trying to teach my 4 year old Gracie about this? I'm trying to teach her that you can do anything you set your mind to, with lots of God's grace of course. I'm trying to teach her that you can have a family, be a mother, and have a career at the same time, if that's what God has called you to do. (Granted, there are women out there who feel they have been called to be a stay-at-home-mom and wife only. I respect that.) Pregnancy is not a disease; it's a condition, and should not be used as an excuse to be lazy.

Stephanie Bell-Flynt, Maggie Wade and I had a photo shoot this week for the "Go Red for Women" campaign in February. When I shared this email with them, they thought it was only appropriate that they stick their bellies out (what bellies?) and support me. Here's the picture. Thanks, girls!


Sara said...

What a cute picture!! Get some rest this weekend. You deserve it!

Susan said...

Your beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Maybe those mean folks eyes have gotten cloudy with things of "the world". Keep on doing what you are doing, It is God-blessed, appointed and annointed, and there are those of us who appreciate it. Tell them to watch another channel (sorry WLBT) - they'll be back.... Hope today is a better day. The Red Picture is great! Your co-workers are classy ladies.

Drewe Llyn said...

The problem is that our society doesn't value life. (Just check the latest stats on abortion.)We're a nation that sees children as inconveniences, necessary evils to propagate the species, peons to be tolerated. The Bible clearly states that children are a blessing from the Lord. Would we "tolerate" an extra $10,000? (What an "inconvenience" to have to take it to the bank!)Our nation's priorities are out of whack! If every viewer truly valued life, seeing each new life as the miracle is it, they would call you blessed instead of all those other names. I hope God sends you ten more!

Gloria said...

I wish I had looked so pretty when I was pregnant. No, I just wish I was that pretty anytime. Those nuts that are giving you heartache should get a life. They are just jealous and are being used as instruments of the enemy to taunt you. Thank God for the delete button!!

~Deidra~ said...

I think that you need to get someone to screen your emails for you...and they could send those mean emails to the cyber trash can where they belong before you even have to see them. I would love to tell those jerks, "Geez people...get a life and leave Barbie alone!"

Mollymobo said...

Barbie - as a fellow working mother - fuuhhhgeett about it ! Those people are shallow & mean to say the things they do to you. You are a beautiful person both inside & out - keep on trucking girlfriend !

God loves you and so do many of us...........In Him.