Friday, January 25, 2008

Winter Weather Advisory

Time to talk some weather!

Most of the state is under a Winter Weather Advisory for most of the day which means we could see periods of rain mixed with sleet. Although accumulations will be light due to the surface temperatures being so warm, use common sense when driving on bridges and overpasses (and county roads). Tonight, some of us could see the rain/sleet change over to freezing rain. This is when the rain freezes once it hits the ground because the surface is below freezing. The freezing rain would be more confined to areas in northwest Mississippi.

There is no need to panic or become concerned for the next few hours. Just use caution while out and about and don't be surprised if you notice the sleet bouncing off your windshield or accumulating on some flat surfaces.

If you have a NOAA Weather Radio, have it on so you can receive additional information should the National Weather Service issue other advisories or watches.

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