Monday, January 28, 2008

A Slip of the Tongue

Sometimes, words just don't come out quite right. Last Friday night at 5pm, I was doing my weathercast talking about the Ice Storm Warning we had in effect as well as the Winter Weather Advisory. With so much to talk about and explain, I wanted to make sure the viewers understood the possibilities and knew what to expect. As I was talking about certain portions of the state getting sleet, I said those areas could see some "light assing accumulation". What I meant was, "light ice accumulation". I caught it after I said it, smiled and quickly corrected myself, hoping no one else would catch it. But I heard Stephanie Bell-Flynt and Bert Case crack up in the studio and heard the production crew in my ear rolling on the floor in the control room. Ok, so a few of my co-workers heard it. Let's hope no one else did. Then, I got this email:

Barbie, watching your broadcast just now.. My wife and I are laughing so hard.. We heard you say "light assing accumulation" and saw you smiling about it.. Too funny...We love you Barbie!
Colin Leach, Vicksburg

So maybe more people heard my slip of the tongue than I had hoped. LIVE television can be rough because there are no edits or do-overs.

James 4:6 says, "God gives me more and more grace. That is why He says, God sets himself against the proud and haughty, but gives grace to the lowly."

I felt pretty low at that moment; thank God for His grace. Things just don't always come out the way you meant for them to...


Sara said...

Don't feel bad, Barbie! One thing we love about you is your "grace under fire." It was great that you were able to smile at yourself and keep going. Colin loves a good laugh, so he's glad that you didn't take yourself too seriously and were able to smile about it. P.S. We won't tell your parents. =)

glenn said...

Haha, that was hilarious..I was like, "did she just say what I thought she said?"...It's ok, just means that your human just like the rest of us. And its good to have a sense of humor isn't it? ;) Who knows, you might appear on TV Bloopers someday...