Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Severe Weather Possible

Things are setting up in the atmosphere for us to experience a few rounds of thunderstorms and some severe weather over the next couple of days. Our high temperature in Jackson yesterday was 75 degrees (normal high is 55). Meantime, Greenwood and Greenville set record high temperatures on Monday. With warm, moist air ahead of a strong cold front, areas north of I-20 could see strong winds, hail and isolated tornadoes this afternoon and tonight (the same weather people in Illinois and Indiana saw last night).

Another round of severe weather is possible for Thursday as a strong cold front swings into the state from the plains. Whereas the focus of today's possible stormy weather is in the northern portion of the state, Thursday the focus is shifted south of the Natchez Trace Parkway. At this time, Thursday's weather looks to be more active than today's.

So, have your weather radio on throughout today and tonight. And have it ready once again for Thursday. Meantime, I'll be keeping some long hours over the next couple of nights. Be safe, use common sense, and I'll see you on WLBT!


Brent said...

I really appreciate the way you and WLBT handle severe weather. You take the time that you need and then turn us back to the program. There is nothing worse that having someone get on and take 15 minutes to say what could have been said in 1 minute. It makes me afraid to watch some programs during bad weather. Keep up the good work.

Barbie Bassett said...

Thanks, Brent. In my opinion, most people don't want to hear the same weather information over and over again; and they don't want to be talked down to. I try to make my updates quick, concise and make sure I give NEW information--not a rehash of the same old, same old. Of course, I also depend on viewers to use a certain amount of common sense, too. But you would be surprised to know the number of viewers who don't know which county they live in, nor where their county is located on a map.