Thursday, March 22, 2007

Bearing Fruit

Soulforce marched onto Mississippi College's campus this morning to protest what it calls the private Baptist college's oppressive policies. Soulforce is an organization promoting religious and political freedoms for lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgender students through nonviolent resistance. According to MC's student handbook, extramarital, premarital and homosexual behavior is not tolerated on campus. It doesn't address banning homosexuals from enrollment. The 20 members of Soulforce were arrested around 9:30am as they entered the campus. (MC is one of my alma maters. I loved it when I was there and I still love it to this day. When I signed up for admission, I knew the rules and regulations. MC's strong Biblical stance was the main reason why I chose to attend.)

This morning, I was listening to an interview with one of the members on talk radio. The young man said he attends USM and is a "religious" person. He was very adiment on his personal stance and how God loves everyone.

I thought back to Matthew 7:16, "By their fruit you will recognize them."

An apple tree doesn't have to scream, "Hey, I'm an apple tree! Look at me!" No, you know its an apple tree by what it bears. We are the same way. People know what kind of person we are by what we do and say. There is no need to boast about what we have done, what we are doing, nor how wonderful we are. Others will see Jesus in us simply by us "bearing fruit."

So as I was in the car, I asked myself "Am I bearing fruit? Can people tell I'm a Christian without me screaming it?" On some days, that question is easier to answer than on other days. Is your life bearing fruit?

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Mandy said...

Hi Barbie,

Why does this group feel that MC is banning homosexuals from enrolling? They are not. Maybe this group should enroll at MC and take the required Old Testament and New Testament courses. They need to read what the Bible says of homosexuality!

I graduated from MC as well and I truly enjoyed my experience while I was there.

Keep up the good work!