Friday, March 16, 2007

A Weird Weather Week

I'm taking the day off, so if you're a Joanna Hancock fan, you'll see her filling in for me (the first time since January). Gracie has pneumonia in one of her lungs and I need to be available to take her back to the doctor today if we don't see any improvement.

This has been the toughest week to forecast for. The computer models have been all over the place with the upper level low that moved to our south yesterday. We managed to squeeze out some rain in central Mississippi with the worst of the weather to our far south. With all of the visitors coming to town for the St.Paddy's Day Parade weekend, they will be greeted with below normal temperatures.

I'm still holding out hope that the sun will shine today, but we'll have cool sunshine at that. So if you're going downtown for Saturday, try to stand in the sunshine. Otherwise, the shade will make it feel even cooler.

We've gone from 82 degrees on Monday to 62 degrees forecasted for today----a twenty degree spread for Spring Break week!

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April said...

Aw! Poor little Gracie! I know that's no fun and with her being only 3. I'm praying for her to get better.

With the way this weather has been this week, I'm not suprised that Gracie would get sick with something. Not as bad as pnemonia but still. I feel so sorry for her. The only thing that is going through our house right now is a kick booty sinus infection.

I was just saying to my parents early this week how unpredictable this weather has been. I mean, the weather channel said that this past Wednesday, the bad weather would move in. The only thing that happened was a rain shower at most. Thursday, it was just cloudy and it rained maybe once. I don't like it when the weather is unpredictable and I know for a Meteorologist like yourself, it's frustrating. And adding onto all that, you have a sick baby again. I really hope she gets better, Barbie. Pnemonia to a three year old is dangerous. I pray she doesn't get worse.