Thursday, March 8, 2007

Melton's Melt-Down

Due to WLBT's past relationship with Frank Melton, it seems everyone wants to know what our opinion is on Frank's arrest. I've known Frank for 7 years and every encounter I had with him was professional and encouraging. He was so supportive when WLBT chose me to be Chief Meteorologist. Frank also willingly spoke to the Mississippi Hugh O'Brian Youth Leadership group that I help organize every year. The teenagers loved his bold, confident ways.

Frank helped make WLBT the powerhouse media success that it has been over the years. Frank's greatest strength was he surrounded himself with people who made the right decisions. Most of the time he got the praise, but it was the management staff at WLBT who were making the tough calls.

We all had high hopes for him as Mayor of Jackson and we hoped he would do the same--surround himself with the right people who would make the right choices for the city. It seems that part didn't take off as well as it did at WLBT.

What is disturbing is how quick the judicial system has pursued Frank. For instance, weekend meteorologist Eric Law and his wife Kristina were in a horrific accident last June because a lady, driving a stolen Jeep, plowed through an intersection while she was high on crack and was running from JPD. Come to find out, she was arrested 24 times before on various counts and NEVER spent a day in jail because the D.A. kept dropping the charges. Months have come and gone and the Laws are still waiting for their day in court.

Almost every month, the Hinds County Sheriff is pleading to the Board of Supervisors for more jail space. However, a space was quickly found for Frank Melton yesterday. In fact, they had the space reserved for him and were waiting on him to be released from the hospital. How can our judicial authorities and elected officials use selective justice for some, but not for others? I overheard someone say last night "With Frank's arrest, we are letting the criminals know that no one gets by with doing wrong." For some reason, I don't think the criminals are watching the nightly news, shaking in their boots. Instead, they are trying to figure out the next store to rob, the next victim to carjack or where they will get their next crack fix. They could care less.

The Bible says we will have to give an account for how we managed our resources and how well those of us in authority used our talents. That is parents, teachers, public servants, you name it---anyone who has been put in authority over something or someone else. To think we will be judged on our tenure in that position is a sobering thought...that includes our elected officials, elected judges and those who hold influence over people.

It's been reported that Frank also has a problem with alcohol. Although some may snicker and think it's fodder for gossip, I am not amused. Coming from someone who has a history of alcoholics in my family, tough love takes over after a certain point. With prayer, tough love and sometimes professional help, freedom is often found. But I find nothing funny about alcoholism in Frank's situation, nor anyone else's.

We will either be a part of the problem or a part of the solution in this world. We can't be both at the same time. Let's cease judging others and start making progress towards making changes that will benefit all...not some.


KeithAR2002 said...

Barbie, I agree 100%. I think Frank was just trying to do what he promised when he was elected... and he just stepped on the wrong feet.

April said...

Thank you! I agree 100%. In fact, my mother was just saying last night how much she admires Frank Melton for everything that he's done. She's been his supporter since before he was even elected mayor of Jackson. And so have I. People make mistakes. He just made the wrong mistake at the wrong time. And I feel sorry for him. But I'm still supporting him. And so is my family, no matter what happens.

KeithAR2002 said...


It's comforting to know there's some people out there that support him. All I read on message boards is how bad they think Frank is. Rest assured, the Jackson drug dealers are happy he's getting this attention. I was really concerned about Frank being in jail with all the crooks, but I'm glad the county is keeping him away from the general population. Melton may have used some unorthodox methods in his leadership, but it's going to take unorthodox methods to clean up Jackson!

KeithAR2002 said...

Hooray for the Mississippi Surpreme Court! =)

I just read the news on that he was released.