Thursday, March 29, 2007

Giants in our Life

Today was haircutting day for baby Will and Gracie. We traveled to Richland to my barber to get them trimmed up before their spring pictures Saturday. Will cried the whole time while Mack did the trimming; Gracie sat still and quiet for her cut because she knew they would give her a sucker when they finished. Mack mentioned maybe Will thought he was a doctor and was going to check his ears. Maybe, but Will was having none of it.

Fear will keep people from enjoying life. Fear will talk you out of trying something new. Many times, we "if" and "but" our way through life afraid of what could be down the next road only to worry ourselves for needless reasons.

I remember reading in I Samuel 17:45 about David and Goliath. The Bible says "David ran quickly toward the battle line (to meet Goliath)." I believe David "ran quickly" because he knew if he sat there and thought about it much longer, he would talk himself out of fighting Goliath. You know the rest of the story.

There are some giants in our lives, too. We have the choice to run in fear of what could happen, or to run quickly toward the battle line and slew our Goliaths.

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