Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Open Court/Open Heart

I arrived at the Madison County Courthouse at 8:30am for my jury duty. I don't think one single person I spoke to wanted to be there. We all had something else we needed to be doing, a meeting we needed to attend, or for me, a sick child that needed me home.

We all want our judicial system to work for us if we are ever in need, but when we don't need it, we can easily find many other things to do. I've never though our judicial system and our spiritual life are similiar, but they were for me today.

When we want God's help, you can bet we're the first ones to arrive for church on Sunday. When things are going our way, we find other things to do. I began to question myself, "In what ways to I give God 'all access' to my life? Are there some parts of my life I don't need Him to bother with? Are there situations that I'd much rather He stay out? Or am I a fair-weather Christian--I want God when I want Him, how I want Him, and what time I want Him?"

The jury selection took much longer than we expected. After a long day, I was not chosen and released late this afternoon. You can bet if I ever find myself needing a jury, I would want one that is open to my case, listens to the facts and is attentive.

Are you letting God in to every part of your life or have you found other places you think He needs to be?


KeithAR2002 said...

I haven't been fortunate enough to be called for jury duty...I'm suree I'll have the chance someimte, though!

Barbie, I was messing around with this website that archives old webpages. I looked at WAPT's from long ago, and I found something that might take you back to the good ole days..haha... I took a screenshot of it, if you care to look at it. I hope it makes you smile!


Barbie Bassett said...

Oh, wow---That pic takes me WAY back! Look how short my hair is! That was the easiest hair do I've ever had. Don't know if I'll ever go that short again, but I sure miss it. Thanks for the trip down memory lane :-)