Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Families Under Attack

When I got off the set last night and walked into my office to close up for the evening, my office phone rang. It was a man on the other line with a question regarding the Pantene's Beautiful Lengths hair growing project I'm heading up. I kindly answered his question and thought the conversation was over with. He proceeded to pour out his heart over the phone line about his recent divorce and I found myself listening.

I'll call him "Bob" for blogging purposes. Bob said this April, he would've been married for 25 years. He and his wife started having problems so they went to their church pastor for counseling. The pastor prayed for them and encouraged reconciliation. At some point, the pastor started having a relationship with Bob's wife. Not only is Bob's marriage over, but the pastor's marriage is coming to a 42 year end, too. I could tell Bob was trying his best to put on a strong voice, but the cracking of it let me know this man was heartbroken and hurt. He said he was praying for his ex-wife and that she would get her life right before it was too late. Bob said it has been difficult on him and his 18 year old daughter, but he is learning how to forgive.

Satan is busy. Satan will go to any length to break up a marriage and a family. The Bible says in
I Peter 5:8 "Be self controlled and alert. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour." How true that is. If Satan can't destroy your marriage, he will try to break up your family. He turns husbands against wives, mothers against daughters, sibling against sibling, sons against fathers.

My family is no different. When my husband and I have a disagreement, we quickly try to stop the bickering and realize where this division is coming from. Its not from God. Satan wants us to go to be angry at each other. Satan wants me to be so hurt that I don't want to talk to my husband. Satan wants me to talk negatively about my husband to my friends. And it's the same with siblings. How many times have you and your sibling had a disgreement and it was blown out of proportion? Guess who's handiwork that is?

Once we realize where these arguments begin, we can nip it in the bud. Asking God for help in resolving the problem is the key; asking God for help in forgiveness of the other person who has hurt you dissolves the issue.

Above all, pray for the protection of your marriage and peace in your family. If you don't pray for them, Satan will prey on them!

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