Tuesday, March 27, 2007


It's been raining in downtown Jackson today and what a welcome site it is! When I pulled out of the driveway this afternoon, I saw a few drops on the windshield. I have to admit, it took me a couple of seconds to find the windshield wipers! I noticed traffic in the interstate was a bit slow, too. It seems most drivers had forgotten how to drive when it rains.

I'm pleased to say more chances for rain are in the forecast, especially for the weekend. Although we would probably like to enjoy the outdoors on our day off, we desperately need the water. For the month of March, we are short 4.17 inches of rain. For the year, we are short 6.28 inches of rain. We won't make up that kind of deficit in the next few days, but at least we'll add some drops to it.

By the way, I checked out the long range forecast for Easter Sunday and it looks to be alittle on the cool side with highs in the 60s!


April said...

You have no idea how excited I was. I was on my way to the doctor (yesh, I ended up getting a stomach virus much like the rest of the world around me) and it began to literally pour! I actually started screaming in delight. It took me a few minutes to remember the rules of driving in rain.

Once I got home from the doctor, the rain hadn't hit Florence yet. But not five minutes after I got home, those clouds began to look darker and darker and before I knew it, it was pouring in Florence. I just stood at the front door and watched. It was a beautiful thing. My poor dog didn't know what to do. He actually took shelter under our trampoline. He loved it.

We really needed that rain though. I welcomed it with open arms. So much for that "It's gonna stay more towards western Mississippi" eh Barbie? =) We really really REALLY needed this though. My grass is finally green! I hope more is to come!

Barbie Bassett said...

Yes, I busted that one, didn't I? For once, I think everyone else and myself included were glad I was "alittle" off! :-)

Hope you get to feeling better soon.