Monday, March 26, 2007

A Better Day

Thank you to all of you who send me well wishes in getting better. Last Friday, I felt crummy. I managed to work up a smile when the camera lights came on, but it quickly faded. It seems I had a stomach virus that put me in tremendous pain. Today I feel more like myself and more like normal. Interesting note: remember those 7 pounds I've been trying to lose? I lost 3 of them over the weekend--- not the way I wanted.

To put it all into perspective, I received an email from a viewer telling me she had just been diagnosed with cervical cancer. In reading her email, I can tell she is scared and unsure, but looking for hope. Ever felt like that? The Bible tells us that Jesus is the "Great Physician". How comforted we can be when we let the Great Physician heal our inner and outer pains.

Just like when we wake up feeling crummy, we have to take the first step in going to the doctor. In the same way, we have to take the first step in allowing God to heal our pain. After all, He makes "house calls".

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April said...

That's good that you're feeling better. And this woman's email is heart wrenching. But what you say is true. God is our Doctor. You can go to thousands upon thousands of medical doctors and they can't tell you exactly what is wrong. God knows exactly what is wrong with us and He knows how to fix us. We just have to have the faith to let God just take over and give it up saying, "Yes, I need to give it up and let You take over, Lord. You know what is best."

It's so sad but whenever we get sick, we have that "Oh, woe is me. I feel so bad. Feel sorry for me." Oh, come on, you know you do it, people! =) But whenever I wake up and I don't feel the best, I complain. It's just the way I am. But little signs throughout the day remind me that I may not be the only one not feeling good. And when I realize that, I stop and thank God that I am living today. That's a good pick me up to remind me that I'm not the worst feeling person out there.